Thursday, August 29, 2013

Who Do You Think We Are? - Lessons in Marketing On the Receiving End

Let's not kid ourselves - although there have been cases whereby we actually do try to pretend or acted out in some situations as if we are in control, in-the-know, or totally au fait with everything surrounding us - we actually don't.

In life we may not know about everything that surrounds us, nor can we therefore assume that others don't. There could be things or situations that we thought could be beneficial for own self-interest that others may be in the dark about, but the flip side is that are we so sure?

Selling Widgets to the Widget Manufacturer
We are in the travel business. So who is better to know more about travel or travel marketing than us? I have always receive cold calls from highly enthusiastic sales persons, pitching anything from postcard printing, web SEOs, to some strange but cute giveaway items that our guests are "supposed" to be thrilled to receive - or maybe not... While I understand that everyone is trying their best to make a good living during tough times, the last straw to test the tolerance for basic conversational courtesy without sounding abrupt and ruthless is selling me the idea through a cold phone pitch that I can get a better travel deal from what I could find through my own resource. "We are the official travel hotel agent for the XYZ Travel Show that we understand that you are registered as an exhibitor!" The caller quipped, "And we have the best hotel rate for this hotel that every exhibitor now stays in..." -- Really (on two counts)? Couldn't be bothered to verify the first, but so-called "best rate" or "exclusive rate" happened to be about $15 more expensive than what I could have gotten from a popular consumer hotel booking web site, (and they couldn't tell me off hand whether hotel taxes were included in their price - whereas the cheaper web price was all-inclusive)..... Maybe they shouldn't be marketing hotel accommodation with such blatant puffery to a travel company like us huh?

"Does it Make Sense?" Sales Pitch
We will certainly enjoy learning something new and interesting in every conversation especially in a sales pitch. Many times it is hard to say no when the product or service is something that you are looking for in your line of work. Still the greatest turn-off is to hear condescending words that punctuate at the end of every sentence of presumed wisdom in any pitch. It is almost like saying, "The knife is sharp, and therefore it will cut the bread into two... Does it make sense?" Am I being coerced to agree with the speaker so that the speaker will gain victory with such concurrence on his side in order and then, I would then be cornered into buying idea at end of the pitch? I think not when "Does It Make Sense?" became a matter of verbal mannerism that results in a complete redundancy and stupidity for the listener. Does it make a sale? Definitely NOT for me. I would be tuned off and would just tell the speaker pitching for a sale to step down from his perceived know-it-all higher soap box during his exit.


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