Friday, March 16, 2012

12 Days Inner Mongolia Tour

A special 12 days tour by Ritz Tours to visit Inner Mongolia and witness the world famous Mongol Tribe, the nomadic lifestyle and herds of horses and sheeps roaming the grassland.Taste the unique local food, enjoy Mongolian lamb dinner, and watch the graceful Mongolian singing and dancing. Stay a night in the mushroom-like yurts and see why Mongol warriors were so fearsome with their horse riding, wrestling, and archery.

Journey to Baotou and walk through Wudangzhao, a vast complex use to be the residence of the highest ranking lama in Inner Mongolia.  After grassland adventure we head to Eerduosi and experience the mystical Resonant Sand Bay - sliding down from a 90 meters high and 45 degrees sand hill, one can hear the sounds like automobile and aircraft engine, a natural phenomenon nobody can explain. We then visit Zhongwei and the 108 Buddhist Pagodas range in height from 3.5 to 2.5 meters, fashioned in three shapes (pyramid, ground and vase) and arranged on a rising mountain slope in rows of increasing odd numbers to from a colossal triangle. Finally we conclude the tour to the Western Xia Museum and see the cliff carving in Helan Mountain.

The entire tour is filled with luxury hotel and delicious dining for the upmost comfort and quality in travel.

There are only two departure dates July 18 and August 8 for this tour. Enjoy $200 discount per person if book by April 15. At a price of $2699 before discount from LAX/SFO, the 12 Days Inner Mongolia tours is one of the rarest opportunity to experience Mongolia without any financial burden. For more information about this tour, please click here.


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