Monday, June 28, 2010

Getting Around the World Expo 2010

The World Expo 2010 being held in Shanghai is comprised of 5 "zones" (A, B, C, D, and E).  There are, of course, various busses that will take you to the Expo entrance.  In addition, you can take the subway (Line 13) to enter.  There are only three stops on line 13:  The entrance is on Madang Road, where you will go through security and they will check your Expo ticket.  The first stop is just outside Zone D of the West Puxi side of the Expo.  The second stop is within Zone B of the East Pudong side of the Expo.

Map retrieved from official World Expo 2010 website

Located on the East (Pudong) side are Zones A, B, and C.  Here, you can find the Expo Boulevard, World Expo Center, Expo Performance Center, various Theme Pavilions, International Organization Pavilions, and all the National Pavilions.  There are five entrances here and three ferry docks where you can cross the river to the other zones.
ZONE A: Asia and Middle East National Pavilions
ZONE B: Southeast Asia and Oceania National Pavilions, and other structures and pavilions
ZONE C:  Europe, Americas, and Africa National Pavilions

Located on the West (Puxi) side are Zones D and E.  Here, you can find the various Corporate Pavilions and most of the Theme Pavilions.  There are three entrances here and three ferry docks to cross the river to the other zones.
ZONE D:  Corporate Pavilions are located here
ZONE E:  Some Corporate Pavilions and Theme Pavilions are located here.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Interesting World Expo 2010 Info

As many of you may already know, the World Expo, which started on May 01, 2010, is currently being held in Shanghai, China until October 31.  It is the largest Fair in history, not only in terms of the site size, but also the number of participants (over 240 countries and international organizations participating) as well as number of visitors (expected to be over 70 million).  Every day, they are receiving over 400,000 visitors.

The theme of the Expo is "Better City - Better Life," which represents our desire for better urban living environments as more people move into cities and out of rural areas.  The exposition shows scientific and technological innovations for improved city life and the remodelling of communities and blending of cultures.

The Expo logo is modelled after the Chinese character for "world" (世) and represents three people embracing.

The Expo mascot Haibao is modelled after the Chinese character for "person" (人).

If you are interested in attending the exposition, check out the Expo ticketing info for ticket rates.  "Peak days" include the National Day Holiday (Oct. 1-7) and the last week before the closing date (Oct. 25-30).

In addition, Ritz Tours is offering a free Expo ticket if you are staying in Shanghai through them for at least 3 nights.  They also offer a Shanghai city package that includes 4 nights accommodation, 3 days Expo ticket, and roundtrip airport transfers.

As a quick tip, the Expo site spans both the East side (Pudong) and West side (Puxi) of the Huagnpu River.  In general, most of the Corporate Pavilions and the Theme Pavilions can be found in the Puxi side and the World Pavilions are located on the Pudong side.  Since most people are more interested in visiting the World Pavilions, entering through the Pudong side can be extremely crowded and may take up to an hour's wait.  If you want to get in quicker and don't mind the walk, enter through the Puxi side and take the free ferry that crosses the river to the other side.

Pictures retrieved from the official World Expo 2010 website