Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Expo 2010: Vietnam Pavilion

Theme: 1000-Year History of Hanoi

The Vietnam Pavilion is located near the No. 4 entrance, on the far north side of Zone A, adjacent to the Japan pavilion.

The pavilion structure is made of bamboo, a traditional material used in Vietnam, which helps to reduce the heat from the sun.  As water is an important part of Vietnam, the pavilion takes on the appearance of a river surrounded by bamboo, with a water stage in the center.

The city of Hanoi, historically named Thang Long, is celebrating its 1,000th anniversary this year and visitors can take part in the festivities with cultural art and music performances taking place inside the 1000-square-meter pavilion throughout the day.

Pictures retrieved from the official World Expo 2010 website.


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