Thursday, July 15, 2010

Expo 2010: UK Pavilion

Theme: Building on the Past, Shaping Our Future

The United Kingdom Pavilion is located along the river near the No.8 entrance, on the west side of Zone C, adjacent to the Italy Pavilion.

The pavilion is comprised of the Seed Cathedral and Wrapping Paper.  The latter is an open area where children can play football and visitors can watch live performances such as ballet, opera, and drama; below it are three narrative environmental installations.  The former is a large hollow wooden structure that is pierced by 60,000 fiber optic cables that blow gently in the wind, creating a dynamic effect.

During the day, these 7.5-meter-long rods draw daylight into the interior of the structure.  At night, light sources inside each rod allows the entire structure to glow.  Each of these transparent acrylic rods contain one or more plant seeds at the tips.

Visitors inside the Seed Pavilion can see the thousands of illuminated seeds and ponder on how such tiny seeds can produce wonders of nature and life.
The Seed Pavilion is nicknamed locally as "The Dandelion" due to its unique appearance.  Once the World Expo ends, each rod and seed from the pavilion will be distributed to different schools throughout China and the UK, just like each dandelion seed are blown and spread by the wind.

The pavilion hopes to raise awareness for the Millennium Seed Bank Project, which is an international conservation project launched by the Royal Botanic Gardens in 2000, collecting seeds from all over the world to provide an insurance against the extinction of plants by storing seeds for future use.

Pictures retrieved from the official World Expo 2010 website and via Dezeen.


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