Friday, July 30, 2010

Expo 2010: UAE Pavilion

Theme: Power of Dreams

The United Arab Emirates Pavilion is located near entrance #5, in the southeast side of Zone A, adjacent to the QatarPavilion.

The pavilion is shaped like a sand dune, inspired by the country's desert.  The outside is made of gold-colored stainless steel and glass and its curvature resembles the natural formations of the leeward and windward sides of sand dunes.

Designed in response to Shanghai's weather, the pavilion's unique shape protects against the direct glare of the city's summer sun but allows indirect light to enter the pavilion via louvers. Visitors will approach the "dunes" by a walkway, which follows a stream of water towards the entrance.

Plans for UAE's planned city Masdar, a 6 square kilometer carbon neutral and zero waste community in Abu Dhabi, will be on display.

Pictures retrieved from the official World Expo 2010 website.


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