Thursday, July 1, 2010

Expo 2010: Theme Pavilions

There are five theme pavilions featured in the 2010 World Expo:  Urbanian, City Being, Urban Planet, Footprint, and Future.  They explore the various aspects of urban living and development.

The first three theme pavilions are located in Zone B within a central theme building (shown above) adjacent to the Expo Boulevard.  The latter two theme pavilions, Footprint and Future, are located in Zone D and Zone E respectively.

Focusing on urban dwellers, the Urbanian Pavilion shows the needs and development of the residents of cities.  It features five topics: Family, Work, Contact (Relationships), Learning (Education), and Health.  Visitors will be able to view video clips of six families from Paris (Europe), Sao Paulo (South America), Phoenix (North America), Melbourne (Oceania), Lijiang (Asia), and Ouagadougou (Africa) and their lives surrounding these topics.
Family:  3D pictures are displayed creating an effect in which visitors feel as if they are looking through a window into the lives of different families.
Work:  Various screens display how people work in different cities.
Contact:  360-degree projection displays the social life of city people.
Learning:  Section resembles a traditional classroom and library, showing educational facilities in different cities.
Health:  Videos displays various data concerning health matters of city people.

Focusing on the city itself, the City Being Pavilion shows how a city can be seen as a living organism consisting of a body and soul that need to be looked after to remain healthy.
Visitors can examine the modern cities' infrastructure and intricate network of transportation, energy, finance that sustain urban living.  Walk through the "Circulation System," an interactive underground pipeline highlighting the vulnerability of cities, or visit the "City Street Library" to see how the rise and fall of ten cities impact the life of their residents.

Focusing on the cities' impact on the environment, the Urban Planet Pavilion demonstrates both the negative as well as the positive influences of urban life to the planet.
As visitors enter, they will walk the "Road of Crisis," where they will see the threat that cities cause to the ecosystem as natural resources are depleted.  Then they walk the "Road of Solution," where visitors can see technological innovations and a more eco-friendly lifestyle to promote symbiotic living with our planet.

Tracing the birth, growth, and advancement of cities, the Footprint Pavilion consists of three halls: City's Origin, Growing City, and Urban Wisdom.  The main lobby area is devoted to the "Ideal Fantasy City," taking ideas from around the world.

City's Origin:  Shows what cities looked like in the early agrarian era and why cities are formed.
Growing City:  Shows what larger cities looked like and urban developmental achievements.
Urban Wisdom:  Deals with the Industrial Revolution and how industrialization is a double-edged sword that changes city life.

Inviting visitors to imagine what cities will be like in the future, the Future Pavilion shows examples of sustainable solutions to urban problems.
Dream of Yesterday:  Watch various science-fiction movies on a gigantic screen.
Dream and Practice:  Digital books shows how people used to depict future cities.
Multiple Possibilities:  36-meter-high screen showing an animated film presenting a colorful fantasy world.
Dream is Approaching:  Focus on eco-friendly living and a healthy community with technological advancements.

Images and information are retrieved from the Official World Expo 2010 site


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