Friday, July 9, 2010

Expo 2010: Thailand Pavilion

Theme: Thainess: Sustainable Ways of Life
The Thailand Pavilion is close to the No.7 entrance and the subway exit #4, on the west side of Zone B, adjacent to the Australia Pavilion.

The red and gold pavilion features traditional Thai architecture and decor, with its pointed tiered roof, the Sala on the pond, and the statue of Indrajit, a Thai mythical giant, guarding the entrance with Lan Tan, a Chinese mythical guardian-warrior. Also featured is a replica of the Thai-Chinese Friendship Bell Tower, which celebrates the diplomatic relations between the two nations.

The pavilion is divided into three main exhibition halls: Journey of Harmony, Harmony of Different Tones, and Harmony of Thais.

The Journey of Harmony takes visitors through the history of the Siamese people and their relationship with water, as rivers and canals provide nourishment and means of transport.

The Harmony of Different Tones shows visitors the interaction between urban and rural communities as well as the long-standing interaction between Thailand and other nations.

The Harmony of Thais explains to visitors how despite the adoption of technology and international way of living, the Thai people still value simplicity and belive that happiness is achieved through harmony and sufficiency.
Pictures retrieved from the official World Expo 2010 website.


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