Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Expo 2010: Hungary Pavilion

Theme: Harmony, Creativity and Hospitality

The Hungary Pavilion is located in the center of Zone C near the No.7 entrance, adjacent to the Europe Joint Pavilion.

The pavilion is decorated with over 1000 wooden tubes, of which many move to bring light into the interior of the pavilion and create sound when visitors tap on them. Visitors will feel as if walking through a forested area and at night, the lights that are built into the rods create an image of a starlit sky.

The pavilion's main focus is the Gömböc, a geometric shape invented by two Hungarian mathematicians. This shape is unique in that it is the first known homogeneous object with one stable and one unstable equilibrium point, thus it will always right itself on its one point of stable equilibrium no matter which way it is placed. Within the pavilion is the largest Gömböc in the world and visitors will be able to play with it.

Pictures retrieved from the official World Expo 2010 website.

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