Monday, July 5, 2010

Expo 2010: China Pavilion

Theme: Chinese Wisdom in Urban Development

The China Pavilion contains exhibits from all the provinces in China, except for Hong Kong and Macau which have their own pavilions.  It is located near the main entrance, adjacent to the Expo Boulevard in Zone A.

Meant to resemble a crown, the main structure of the China Pavilion, the "Crown of the East," is the tallest structure in the Expo, standing three times taller than any other pavilion, and has a distinctive roof made using the "dougong" method.  These interlocking wooden brackets are an important element in traditional Chinese architecture, dating back over 2,000 years.  There are 56 dougong brackets on the roof, symbolizing the 56 minority cultures in China.

The top floor of the pavilion will have a core exhibition area.  On the second floor, there will be an experience area and a functional area on the first floor. The main theme will highlight achievements in China's urban development from ancient to modern times. The pavilion also focuses on how the Chinese people will tackle future challenges brought by urbanization in a more sustainable way with low-carbon technologies and energy-efficient building practices.

This is one of five permanent buildings in the Expo site.  It will be converted into a museum of Chinese history and culture once the Expo ends on October 31st.

Pictures retrieved from the official World Expo 2010 website.


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