Monday, May 24, 2010

First time travels to Shanghai

Know Before You Go: Shanghai

In the dynamic city of Shanghai, East and West don't just meet, they collide. A booming metropolis at the forefront of China's race for modernization, this port city is filled with stunning contrasts. Here, visitors can witness the glitterings kyscrapers of Shanghai, visit a Ming Dynasty classical garden and enjoy luxury shopping on Nanjing Road, all in one day.

Here are a few notes to help you pack for your first trip to Shanghai:
- Weather in Shanghai is comparable to the Gulf Coast states, though winter storms do not occur as often. Summer is hot and humid with frequent rain. Winter is shorter, cooler, and often overcast wtih drizzle. We suggest that you bring comfortable, casual clothing and good walking shoes for your trip.
- Chinese currency is called Ren Min Bi (RMB) and is issued by the state bank, the People's Bank of China. We suggest you bring a combination of cash (some $1's, $5's and $20's) and traverles checks for your trip. It is not a good idea to bring only travelers checks, becauseonly 50% of exchanged value can be converted back to U.S dollars. US dollars in cash form are acepted at many places while travelers' checks must be converted into RMB first
- Credit cards are not widely accepted in China but are becoming more popular in major cities. International hotels, departmetn stores and shops frequented by foreign tourists generally acept them. Cash advance by credit card is not common and is only possible at a few assigned banks. As of February 2010, the following rates apply US $1=RMB 6.80 (subject to currency exchange rate fluctuations)

Starting from $390, this package includes:
4 Nights hotel accommodation
3 Days World Expo Tickets
Round trip airport hotel transfers
Daily American Breakfast

*minimum of 2 participants required, price is per person based on double occupancy

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  1. Thanks for linking my site here. I'll be visiting Shanghai Expo 2010.

  2. That's exciting. Let us know if you need any help with arrangements while you're there.

  3. Hey RitzTours,

    Do you have an email address where I can send a review/suggestion of a tour I was just on?

  4. Sure! Just click this link and fill out our contact form. Thanks so much and I hope you enjoyed your trip.