Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Travel 101: Preparing for your Tibet Highland and Yangtze River Trip

Packing always appears to be a main problem when preparing for any vacation, which is why we have compiled a list of notes to take into consideration when packing for your Tibet Highland and Yangtze River Trip

China domestic flights: each passenger is allowed to check in one piece of luggage per flight, up to 44 lbs., and one carry on bag with a combined total dimension not exceeding 45 inches.  Checked luggage must have a lock and a luggage tag showing the contact information of the owner. 
It is important to pack a change of clothing and toiletries in your carry on bag to avoid any inconvenience caused by delayed luggage.


Beijing/Xian:  Similar in climate to Nebraska and Kansas - however Beijing and Xian receive less snow and rain during the winter.  Late winter and early spring bring regular dust storms and haze

Lhasa: Temperatures can reach the mid-80s in the summer and mid-60s in the winter.  At night or when it rains or snows, temperatures drop significantly.  Precipitation is minimal in the winter; summer showers are more common but occur mainly at night

Shanghai: Summers here are hot and humid with frequent rain.  Winter is shorter, cooler, and often overcast with slight drizzle.

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