Saturday, July 18, 2009

Getting Over Culture Shock

Travelling should be a joyful experience. Whatever the reason for your travel is, be it for business or pleasure purposes, it’s always best to make the most out of your trip. Though most people tend to travel to relax, there are some who experience culture shock. Culture shock is defined as getting anxious, confused, and disoriented from being in a new environment or surroundings.

China tours and Europe tours, though enjoyable, may become stressful if we do not know what to expect. There are ways to overcome culture shock. The following are some helpful tips on getting over culture shock.
  1. Research your destination. Visiting other countries entails meeting new people and experiencing cultures that are different from your own. For example, if you’re going on a China tour, Eastern cultures are entirely unlike from us. Get an idea on what to expect and how to possibly deal with culture differences.
  2. A good sense of humor is a great defense against culture shock. Because you are out of your comfort zone, it’s easy to make mistakes. Laugh it off and people around you will certainly do the same, driving away the tension and awkwardness of the situation.
  3. Keep a diary. Visiting tourist destinations, scenic spots or historical monuments helps de-stress and gives you a feeling of culture. Writing about these experiences your reactions to them can help you assess your emotions. Likewise, looking back at these entries can make you laugh someday.
  4. Think positive. New experiences always bring about new knowledge and learning. Focus on the brighter side and think about the best things about your vacation or travel. Meeting the locals, dining on exotic cuisines, and touring fascinating sites are a few of the memories one should never forget.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

How to Enjoy Vacations Without Spending Too Much

Don’t spend loads of cash and then regret it once you start to run out of cash. Travelling in style is possible, and you need not spend a lot just to enjoy exciting sites and fascinating China tour destinations.
  1. It’s ok to say no. Street vendors often pressure tourists to buy their items. However, if you do not like it, don’t have enough cash, or simply have no one to buy the item for, respectfully decline the street vendors. Should you decide to buy from one, haggle for the cheapest price. You’d be surprised at how low they can offer the items they sell.
  2. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for free upgrades. Hotels, car rentals, and plane seats often ask for additional fees should you request for an upgrade. However, it wouldn’t hurt to ask if they offer upgrades for free. If you ask politely enough, they just might grant you your request.
  3. Your China tour need not be grand. The most important thing to consider in planning a vacation is that you get to relax and be worry-free. If out-of-the-country-trips are cost too much for your budget, try searching for travel deals that are affordable and all-inclusive.

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